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The ideal multi-purpose surface
Omnisports is a multi-purpose point elastic vinyl sports surface that has been designed to accommodate a wide range of sporting events. Tarkett Sports' Omnisports is available in five thicknesses to satisfy varying degrees of shock absorption and performance requirements adapted to all levels of sports and to different needs.
3d Product Legend
  • 1 Adequate balance of friction and grip control. Specific engineered surface embossing.
  • 2 Very high resistance to scratches and easy maintenance. TopCLEAN XPTM treatment.
  • 3 Exceptional resistance to wear. Pure transparent vinyl wear layer.
  • 4 Dynamic colours and realistic decors. High definition printing for a perfect wood surface appearance and built-in unis for higher colour intensity.
  • 5 Superior dimensional stability (<0.10%). Unwoven glass fibre.
  • 6 High resistance to indentation and tearing. Solid homogeneous calendered sheet made of recycled vinyl.
  • 7 Comfort, safety and sound reduction. High-density closed-cell foam with engineered honeycomb backing.
Key Features
  • Excellent and cost effective solution available in a wide range of colours including wood patterns and coloured Maple (Omnisports Reference and Excel).
  • Optimal performances through a highly cellularised acoustic foam backing:
    • - Reduces sound transmission.
    • - Brings optimal rebound and shock absorption.
    • - Increases fatigue resistance and impact control.
    • - Provides an excellent vertical deformation.
  • Homogeneous behaviour and aesthetics.
  • Exceptional indentation resistance and recovery for all Omnisports due to a 3 layer composite SSC (Strain Splitting Core)
  • Dimensional stability: < 0.1% - multi-directional fibreglass mesh: no stress in the product, good flatness and covering deformation mastered.
  • Durability of your surface thanks to a pure PVC coat wear layer.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to Top Clean X-Trem Performance (XP) surface, PU treatment reinforced with alumina particles.
    • - Offers scratch resistance and ensures the durability of your sports surface.
    • - Ensures easy maintenance and reduces consumption of water and cleaning agents.
  • Environmentally friendly with better Indoor Air Quality: Volatile Organic Compounds, after 28 days of installation lower than 100μg/m3.
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